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Put a Fence Around It: How Geofencing Protects Powersports Vehicles

Virtually all of us have used GPS location technology to help us find our way. But GPS location data can also help locate lost or stolen vehicles with the help of geofencing.

In simple terms, geofencing draws a virtual boundary around a real geographical area. The technology will then trigger a response when a tagged device crosses the boundaries of that area.

Geofencing often has negative connotations, as in advertising, when marketing messages can be sent to a mobile device when it enters a defined audience area. Many people find geofencing intrusive and deny access to location data for those applications.

However, geofencing offers many security and safety benefits, particularly in the powersports industry, where smaller vehicles are more easily stolen and harder to locate and recover.


Geofencing for Dealers

Protect your profits in multiple ways, using geofencing to secure inventory and add revenue.

For dealers, geofencing can:

  • Protect your inventory with alerts triggered whenever a vehicle leaves or enters your dealership’s customized geofence boundaries.
  • Create new revenue for your F&I department and increase profit per vehicle by extending theft prevention and recovery and other services to your customers after the sale.


Geofencing for Owners

Eliminate many of the safety concerns of a powersports purchase by helping owners protect both their investment in the vehicle and the well-being of those who will use it.

Geofencing allows owners to:

  • Know immediately if their vehicle is stolen, even from off-site storage or another remote location, with alerts when it leaves a designated area.
  • Set safe boundaries when children or other riders use the vehicle and receive alerts if the vehicle leaves the approved zone, whether on roads, off-road, or in the water.
  • Make every ride better than the last by setting fences around dangerous or undesirable spots so riders can avoid them, or owners can be alerted when they approach or leave those areas.

Like any other vehicle, powersports vehicles are an investment. GPS location data and geofencing can protect that investment on the dealer lot, in private storage, or while being used and enjoyed safely.


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