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3 Steps to Providing Peace of Mind for Parents of Young Powersports Riders

One valuable lesson the pandemic taught us is the value of spending family time outdoors. Some rediscovered the joy of long walks. Others became more adventurous with motorized bikes, ATVs, personal watercraft, or snowmobiles. As we continue these activities, it’s important that we do so safely. As a dealer, you can play a leading role in helping families enjoy quality outdoor time together.

How can you put buyers at ease as they include their children in their powersports adventures?

Help Them Choose a Vehicle

Ideally, buyers will have done their own research before visiting a dealership, but they’ll still trust you as the powersports expert to help guide their purchase.

Make sure they consider these factors:

  • Rider Age Some vehicles come with legal age restrictions (more on that later), but there are many reasons beyond legal ones to consider the rider’s age. Can they understand safety instructions? Can they exercise good judgment? Are they comfortable riding alone?
  • Rider Stature While age plays an important factor, a rider might be better suited to a vehicle outside the age recommendation due to their strength, height, weight, or other physical attributes. Help buyers consider all these variables when making their selection.
  • Vehicle Speed It’s fun to travel at top speed, but young or inexperienced riders need to start slow. Remove the temptation to push the limits of how fast they can go by choosing the appropriate vehicle.
  • Vehicle Price Price is a factor in any powersports purchase, but especially when children are involved. You clearly don’t want to compromise safety or quality. But will they outgrow one model more quickly? Will the damage caused by an inexperienced rider mean excess depreciation in value? Carefully weighing the pros and cons will help prevent buyer’s remorse without compromising safety.

Matching the rider to the right vehicle should be a fun part of your job. Keeping safety in mind will help everyone be sure they're making the best choice.

Suggest Appropriate Safety Equipment

While you obviously want your customers to ride safely, dealers also benefit financially from accessory sales as additional upsell opportunities.

Safety equipment varies by vehicle type, but a few basics to suggest (where applicable) include eye protection, a well-fitting helmet, a Coast Guard-approved life vest, and activity-appropriate clothing (gloves, wetsuit, long pants, sturdy boots, etc.).

One thing people often overlook as a safety accessory is GPS tracking. Buyers might think GPS is only for directions, but it can provide far more in terms of security. According to the United States Coast Guard, two of the main causes of watercraft accidents involving injuries to children were excessive speed and violation of navigation rules. Those same factors affect the safe operation of every outdoor recreation vehicle.

GPS monitoring for their powersports vehicle can provide reassurance to parents through:

  • Geofenced boundaries
  • Real-time vehicle location updates
  • Speed and impact alerts
  • Low battery alerts
  • Maintenance reminders

Become an authorized dealer of MOGO GPS tracking systems to provide additional security for your customers and an added revenue item to your dealership catalog.

Advise Them to Know the Laws

You might not be legally required to educate buyers about the laws pertaining to operating their new vehicle, but just because you don’t have to doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. You can’t be expected to know the requirements for every vehicle type and every state, but there are guides like this one by the ATV Safety Institute that can help.

At minimum, you can suggest that buyers research:

  • Minimum operator age
  • Operator licensing or training requirements
  • Vehicle registration requirements
  • Insurance requirements
  • Permitted areas of operation (open water, designated trails, on-road, etc.)

Every dealer wants repeat business and referrals, and the best way to get those is by giving customers an exceptional buying experience. No parent will forget when you take extra steps to show you’re invested in the happiness and safety of their children.


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