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Golf carts for multifamily property management

4 Secrets for Simplifying Property Management With Golf Carts

Apartment managers are like anyone else — you want to save time and be more efficient at work. One way you can improve your property leasing and maintenance processes is by using golf carts for on-site transportation. However, owning golf carts without a clear plan for their operation just adds another management task to your full plate.

Here are four steps to make your golf carts a valuable asset and not a liability:

1. Stay Up-to-Date on the Laws

Because the laws around operating golf carts and low-speed vehicles can vary widely by state, and even by community, we can’t answer every specific question. But we advise you to have the most recent information regarding:

  • Who can operate them? Make sure you know about any age limits, license restrictions, or other factors that might limit which of your employees, contractors, or residents can legally operate a cart on your property.
  • What insurance and registration are required? Not all states require registration of all types of vehicles, but some cities and communities do. You should also protect yourself and your property with proper insurance in case of accidents, injuries, or property damage.
  • Where can you drive? Some localities have strict rules about streets, cross-streets, sidewalks, and other areas where operation is limited. Make sure anyone operating a cart on your property understands where — and how fast — they can drive it.
  • What equipment is legally needed? Requirements can vary by type of vehicle and how it will be used, as well as by location. Be sure to know if you need seatbelts, headlights, a windshield, turn signals, and any other equipment for safe operation.

2. Enhance Security

As a property manager, the safety of your staff and residents is always a priority. You can equip golf carts with cameras, radios, or other communication systems to stay in contact with anyone using the cart and add a layer of security.

You can also install GPS tracking technology to access the cart’s location on demand, as well as set up alerts in case it experiences a collision, has a low battery, or leaves a designated area. Once you’ve established your fleet of carts, the last thing you want to worry about is replacing them. GPS technology aids in quick recovery if a vehicle is lost or stolen.

3. Improve the Resident Experience

Knowing how your vehicles are used will help you maintain safe practices choose the appropriate types of carts to enhance life in your community.

A cart can be a fun and easy way to give tours to prospective residents. You can give quick drives around the property, explaining the different areas and amenities as you go. For this use, you’ll probably want carts that can seat more than two passengers.

Some properties provide carts for resident use to make it easier for them to navigate the property without having to walk or drive. It's especially helpful for elderly residents, those with limited abilities, or parents of small children. Carts can increase easy access to pools, playgrounds, public transportation spots, laundry facilities, and many other places.

You could also offer carts with a utility bed in place of some of the seating to assist residents with moving in or out or transporting large packages and other cargo.

4. Streamline Maintenance

Speaking of cargo, golf carts can also make life easier for your maintenance team. Not only can they get around your property more quickly and efficiently, they can transport supplies and equipment needed for each job. While some maintenance teams will have their own trucks, golf carts pose less potential for damage when driving on sidewalks and grass to access units not easily accessible to the street.

Evaluating your maintenance load will help you understand when carts are needed and work out a scheduling method to keep repairs running smoothly, keeping residents and staff happy.


It’s clear that transportation issues on your property can have an impact on the time and attention you can expend on other management tasks. With a clear usage plan and ongoing evaluation of your needs, golf carts can help carry your load.


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