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How To Make Your Dealership the Number One Choice for Service

Where do your customers go to service their vehicles? In 2021, 34% of consumers preferred using their dealership’s service center. While that number isn’t terrible, franchise dealers are still losing $214 billion of potential revenue. Your dealership needs to provide a competitive customer service experience to take advantage of this segment of the market.

To drive more customers towards your service department, it’s important to implement fast, convenient, and personalized features that improve customers’ service experience in your dealership.


Quick and Easy Process

Time is money, and your dealership can’t afford to waste a customer’s time if you want to build a long-term relationship. As many as 1 in 4 customers express frustration over longer than expected service times from their dealerships.

If you want customers to pick your dealership over other repair shops, make servicing their vehicles fast, reliable, and streamlined. This can include:


  1. Installing a robust key management system that identifies who has the customer’s keys and where they are for a more efficient key control process.
  2. Quickly tracking the location of a customer’s vehicle at your dealership using a GPS tracking service.
  3. Integrating both key control and vehicle tracking into one seamless solution to reduce human error and strengthen security.


Modern, Personalized Service

Customers expect dealerships to have convenient, personalized customer service. Over 40% of customers prefer service centers that send out simple text message reminders for upcoming appointments, and most list online access to their vehicle service history as a critical digital feature.

With personalized online and mobile features, your service center will stand out against the competition. For example, using a digital vehicle tracking service lets your dealership engage with each customer on an individual basis. This service can include:


  1. Sending your customers perfectly timed vehicle service alerts via text or email based on their vehicle’s actual mileage and not just an estimate.
  2. Letting your customers track their vehicle’s location and view vehicle reports online or through a mobile app.
  3. Instantly alerting customers with various notifications, such as geofence boundaries or speed alerts.

Prove to customers that your dealership offers the best vehicle service experience with convenient reminders, fast service time, and digital vehicle monitoring features.


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