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Charge up Security and Safety Without Draining Your Battery

When considering the purchase of a new powersports vehicle, you likely also considered ways to help with theft prevention and recovery. GPS tracking systems are an easy way to protect your new investment. However, with so many options available, it’s important to choose the one most compatible with the vehicle, especially in terms of battery life.


What's the difference?

Powersports batteries differ from general automotive batteries in more than just size, although they do have to pack a lot of power into a small space. In addition, these batteries must stand up to extreme temperatures, endure heavy vibration and impact, and not leak or spill if the vehicle tips sideways or goes underwater. And while there are always exceptions, many ATVs or personal watercraft are used seasonally, or at least not as frequently as a daily commute. Sitting unused for an extended time can cause life-limiting battery damage.

Your battery life will vary greatly with the type of battery and how you use the vehicle. Different battery types (lead-acid, absorbed glass mat, thin plate pure lead, lithium) will generate and store energy at varying efficiencies. Using accessories like auxiliary lights and GPS navigation systems affect efficiency as well. This is especially true if your GPS location tracker is designed for larger vehicles, as it can drastically reduce the battery life of powersports vehicles.


Why does it matter?

While being stranded with a dead battery is never ideal, the prospect is particularly harrowing if it happens on a secluded trail or out on open waters. Therefore, when choosing a GPS designed for small batteries, you should consider if the system can monitor and report your battery status. This feature will keep you informed whether you're the rider, you want peace of mind while someone else is riding, or you want to monitor the charge while in storage to make sure it's ready for the next use.

Whether through the mud, over the snow, or on the water, feeling safe and secure is essential to enjoying every outing to the fullest. Knowing that you’ve protected your vehicle with an appropriate tracking system that doesn’t drain your power but also enhances your safety is an important first step.


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