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GPS Tracking Keeps RVs From Going MIA

One might think RVs are hard to steal, given their size. And it is statistically true that RVs are stolen less often than cars and trucks.

But a single theft can mean a dealer losing valuable profit or an owner losing their home and belongings. Whether you sell RVs or own one, it pays to know the risks and how to reduce them.

How high is the risk?

Like automotive theft, RV theft has been on the rise. However, it’s hard to calculate exactly how much. According to a Camper Report, most stolen RVs get categorized as a vehicle or a trailer and not specifically as an RV. That makes it nearly impossible to know real RV numbers, but they’re certainly higher than reported. Even with limited information, there was a jump of 800% in reported RV thefts in 2020.

As the popularity of RV life continues to grow, the prevalence of theft can be expected to grow with it.

Who is most at risk?

Recognizing the lack of available data, rvtravel.com began to compile its own reports from industry websites, social media pages, and law enforcement. Some of the findings include:

  • Nearly 82% of stolen RVs are fifth wheels.
  • 41% were stolen from storage facilities.
  • 29% were stolen from other businesses, including RV repair facilities.
  • Only 10% were stolen from an RV park or campground.
  • California and Texas report the most stolen RVs.

How can risks be reduced?

If you’re a dealer, risk mitigation means protecting any RV on dealership property and teaching buyers to do the same after purchase. If you’re an owner, there are several locking devices you can install — wheel locks, hitch locks, steering wheel locks, upgraded door and window locks — that will slow down a thief and deter theft. But these measures don’t help in recovery if thieves bypass them and steal an RV.

The solution

A GPS tracking device is a theft deterrent that can benefit dealers and buyers alike. For dealers, GPS can:

  • Send alerts when vehicles enter or leave designated boundaries for service, test drives, or unauthorized use.
  • Provide real-time location if a vehicle is stolen to aid in quick recovery.

Beyond theft prevention and recovery, some GPS services can also:

  • Save time and improve customer service by locating vehicles quickly on the lot with a pin drop on a digital map.
  • Increase F&I revenue when dealers resell the service to customers.
  • Improve customer retention with vehicle-specific maintenance alerts to customers based on tracked mileage driven.

Vehicle protection needs for RVs can be complicated. For dealers, there is the problem of sprawling acres of sales lots and virtually identical vehicle exteriors that make it hard to even notice if one goes missing. In worst cases for owners, they can be left homeless or stranded. GPS provides location services, theft prevention, and theft recovery for anyone, on and off the lot.


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